Learn shipping errors that destroy the battery smartphones

Many of the problems related to the shipment of smartphones always suffer, but what users do not teach him that they bear part of the responsibility with regard to battery life along the proportion of errors in the charging process.

destroy the battery smartphones</h2

Many users believe that the shipment of smartphones when the battery runs out better than shipped it is still full of somewhat,

But it’s wrong to believe,

Can be devastating to your phone’s battery,

according to the site battery University of the company Cadex battery.

and select the location details related to the fact that the lithium – ion used in smartphones, sensitive to the so – called “stress” that can be destroyed by the long batteries term.

So there are a number of solutions that the user can follow to maintain the life of a smartphones battery in the long term.

According to the site, the continue to charge the phone when the battery is full, is something very bad with regard to its work in the long term.

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so when you reach the shipping ratio in the phone to 100% and stays connected to a charger, remains the phone gets Girallazemh energy, which leads to a state of high pressure inside the battery, leading to the consumption of chemicals inside.

and lithium batteries for shipment need to fully (100%),

Because the high pressure inside battery resulting in consumption quickly in the long term, according to the site “Russia today.”

Contrary to popular belief,

Confirms the location that the best solution to be followed is to put the phone in shipping when you lose 10% of energy only,

but this solution is not practical for most users,

So it is possible to put the phone in the shipping whenever possible , it is best to ship several times during the day.

It is worth mentioning that the smartphones batteries are very sensitive to heat,

And can be observed that the degree of phone heat up when placed in shipping, so it is best to get him out of the outer shell in during charging,

The phone must also cover and protect it from the sun’s rays constantly to maintain the integrity of the battery

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