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Tool to create conceptual web maps

A conceptual map is a phenomenal tool to explain complex concepts and theories that consist of several main ideas that are related to each other.

There are excellent applications to develop concept maps, such as DIA (GNU) or Info Rapid Knowledgeable (Shareware), but not as practical and advanced as CmapTools.

What sets CmapTools apart from the rest is, in the first place, the possibility of creating web conceptual maps that include attachments or links to other pages.

Therefore, the schemes created with this tool allow you to interact with your content through a browser. Second, the possibility of sharing conceptual maps and their resources through the Internet. There are public servers where can I host the schemes and the attachments to them.

Creating a scheme is straightforward, just insert sandwiches by double clicking at the bottom of the screen and drag the arrows to the right place.

The user can modify the shape of the sandwich, the type of font, the shape of the links, place a background image and attach resources to each form.

Download CmapTools for Free

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Updated: September 29, 2018 — 10:07 am