The birth of the first child in the world of three religion

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine announced on Tuesday the birth of the first child in the world of three religion, thanks to a controversial vaccination technique based on the use of genetic nucleic acids for three people, pointing out that the child was born in April.

The birth of the first child in the world of three religion

child in the world of three religion

The magazine “New Scientist” British scientific revealed this global lead in its latest issue.

She explained the American Society for Reproductive Medicine said in a statement that a team of internationally medically led by Dr. John Chang of the New Hope Fertility Center in New York used unprecedented to replace the genetic material in the nucleus of an egg technique or diseased genetic material from another woman intact.

She added that the mother suffered from “me syndrome” which is a rare neurological disorder that is transmitted by heredity and leads to the deterioration of the central nervous system.

Technology and modern vaccination This is not allowed in the United States, prompting the medical team to take place in Mexico, where he saw a child of light.

According to the statement doctors it has deliberately to transfer genetic material containing chromosomes sick mother to egg-giving or stripped them of genetic material.

Ailing mother and proceeded to the technique after she gave birth to two children found to be infected with both this syndrome that led to their deaths, as well as having carried twice and ended her pregnancy aborted involuntarily.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine showed that the technique of using DNA from the mother only mitochondrial allows reduce the chances of transmission of the patient’s genes to the child.

She added that the medical team to use the sperm of the father in the artificial insemination process has successfully vaccinate five eggs genetically modified, but only four of them survived, including only one was normal Vtm implanted back into the mother’s womb.

The head of the Assembly in the statement that “these actions represent significant progress in reproductive medicine because mitochondrial diseases remain a large and difficult problem

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