Akshay Kumar On His Latest Bollywood Film Holiday

Akshay Kumar On His Latest Bollywood Film Holiday

Akshay Kumar On His Latest Bollywood Film Holiday Terrorism is usually a sobering topic, but akshay kumar’s latest flim “holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty“, a tale about covert extremist groups, out in the UAE today, doesn’t shy away from inserting songs, dance and romance into the narrative. He has acted in and co-produced the action thriller.

“Bollywood is Bollywood because it demands it. Listen we, all feel the same, life would not be worth living it wasn’t for the magic of music,” said Kumar in an e-mail interview.

The 46-Year old action hero should know. In his 23-year-long rather chequered career, Kumar has successfully bashed up villains, serenaded beautiful ladies in lush landscapes and delivered cracking righteous speeches about being good with earnest conviction, He hasn’t strayed far from that winning formula in his new film, Kumar plays an army officer, Virat Bakshi, who stumbles upon terrorist sleeper cells in Mumbai his annual vacation.

This is not a far-fetched film or a bollywood ecaggeration, these are real life scenarios that could happen in any city or village. ith’s a role i’ve felt very excited because i feel like i’ve stepped out of my happy action bubble and woken up into the real world felled with deception, corruption and frightful reality,” said Kumar. Directed by South Indian filmmaker A.R Murugadoss, who made his Bollywood debut with Aamir khan-starrer Ghajini, Holiday also features Sonakshi Sinha.
Excerpts from the interview, in which he speaks about terrorism, jack Bauer and his favorite fictional hero..

What’s The Story Behind Holiday?

In Holiday, it’s all in its screenplay. Murugadoss has created a script focusing on the deadly sleeper cells existing in our neighbourhoods. Sleeper cells are terrorists that are disguised so well that they could be your friendly neighbourhood rickshawalla “tricycle driver”, the uncle that sits on your street corner, the boy working in your local phone shop, or that old man selling you bread or even your help’s sister could be a part of a sleeper cell. They could be anyone and their reason for existence is to wait for “their moment” to be called upon, and when they get that nod, they will fulfil their terrorist duties. They are willing to die for their cause. This film will have you peering over your own shoulder as you leave the cinema and you won’t be able to help but look at everyone in a different light.

How Did You Prepare For The Role Of An Army Officer?

My director taught me everything I needed to know about my character and Greg Powell, our stunt director from England, taught me how to portray my character convincingly. We have done a lot of research on sleeper cells. Not many people know what sleeper cells are, which is a scary thought in itself, because they are terrorist outfits that are integrated into the society, They wait for several years for that command to carry out their mission. We think ‘ki terrorist aakar blast karke gaye’ “that terrorists just arrive and blast bombs”, but the fact is that they have been with us for years, planning their heinous crimes. Sometimes, even a wife does not know that her husband is a terrorist. In today’s world, you have to be careful about such things. The film educates you about these possibilities. Murugadoss researched for three years and has made an intelligent film that I am proud of. It is not one of my usual hasee mazaak “FUN”, masala films. It is serious and an honest film about how I outmanoeuvre evil.

Can You Explain The Relevance Of This Film Title?

My character comes to his hometown, Mumbai, for his annual holidays after manning the borders of his country. During his vacation, he learns about a terrorist operation that aims to destroy his city. Despite being on holiday, his priority becomes work. He may be Off Duty, but he believes in saving lives first.

Your Film is About Terrorism – A Grim Theme. Whose Idea Was It To Insert Songs And Romance Into The Film?

I believe there must always be a light at the end of the tunnel without family, without friends, without heartache, how do you feel for your characters…? I can’t just run around with a gun in my hand and expect people to feel for me. In this film, I have a family and I meet Sonakshi Sinha, his love interest” during my annual holidays. Every scene has been inserted for a reason. We have songs because my nation needs to be pleased in several ways. My film is not for the rich and wise, but for the masses who love populist, commercial cinema to.

Akshay Kumar and sonakshi sinha On His Latest Bollywood Film

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