Top 5 Best Emerald Engagement Rings You Can Consider in 2016

Description: Are you finding the top 5 best emerald engagement rings you can consider in2016? In this post you will learn everything related to your personal choices of queries and doubts relevantly.

When it is time to decide which engagement tings you will go it is obvious that you need a perfect gemstone that can certainly make the most of it. Usually there is so much gemstone that gets fit in for every special occasion but you need something that is not an ordinary one because color and do matters and the most precious of them all are none other than emerald stone. It has green color that cannot be founded in any other stones naturally. They are very rare and have the strong properties of to show the clarity. It is certainly a beautiful stone that has all the qualities to meet your daily wear needs.

Top 5 Best Emerald Engagement Rings You Can Consider in 2016

Best Emerald Engagement Rings You Can Consider
Emeralds are very old gemstones that are known to bring prosperity and endless love in your life. There is a reason why most people choose this for their engagement ceremonies. You won’t find them easily unless you know which old roman and Egypt people wear them for their religious rituals in so many ways.

So, now you have know the true importance of emeralds we have listed below top 5 best emerald engagement rings you can consider in 2016 to help you understand how they enhance a bride’s beauty, and why you probably need to choose them in the first place.

#1: Diamond and gold intricate ring:

This 19k pure gold (yellow) ring is magnificent that has emerald stone placed in it and around has diamond lined border. It has very exquisite designed and crafted with hands. It gives you the balance between the beautiful and best. With laser cut yellow gold and big rounded emerald it is a ravishing engagement ring you can ever asked for.

#2: The white rectangle gold Esmeralda ring:

It is a beautiful rectangular emerald ring who diamond in it pure form white gold. This ring is crafted with 15k gold and has emerald settings like a beautiful crown undoubtedly the masterpiece that has an excellent center stone and an ideal choice for the special occasion.

#3: The emerald Celtic weave ring:

A classic 13k pure gold ring made with sharp details and designed with an emerald stone in the center of it. There is no doubt this ring is this year’s first choice as simple as it gets. Definitely subtle and enhance your appearance in every way possible.

#4: The emerald diamond petal ring:

If you want to look stunning in your special day then try this amazing diamond petal ring who has an over sized emerald floating on the top of it. Its design is pure and unique and never fed away its beauty for many years. Its biggest asset is the petals who are diamond cut like gold.

#5: Platinum and white gold setting pave ring:

This ring has the combination of platinum and white gold with emerald stone contain in it. There is no doubt it is made from the highest rare metal, you really have this brilliant jewelry piece as your engagement ceremony.

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