Best Companies in US to Work For

Best Companies in US to Work For

You would find several people who love a company, they are employees whose dedication is all for their workplace. Director of a company, desiring to hire employees having more dedication to job, should maintain working system with pretty working hours pay, benefits and perks for employees. Only employees know the working environment more than any one.

Numerous online recruiting portals reflect the hiring from well-known companies and these portals communicate about working environments of such organizations too.

Moreover employees of all companies also feel free to share about their experience and perquisites enjoyed.

24/7 Wall St. listed 54 best companies by analyzing reviews of employees found at famous recruiting portal.


Reviews at and other well-known online forums propound Facebook as best workplace of 2015.

Average rating shows 4.5/5 likes. 90% employees recommend career at Facebook to others. All this positive feedback is based on benefits, perks, pay and working environment at Facebook.

Company has 10,082 employees and all of them give “Like” to company management policies because management looks every employee not as a working resource but as a valued part of company who has his/her own life and commitments too so management incline human capital policies all loved by employees too.


Linkedin was emerged globally in 2003 and now it has 6,900 employees who gave Linkedin 4.5 stars rating out of 5 stars. got reviews recommending other job seekers to work for Linkedin and they marked this workplace at one of the best organizations. Remarkable remunerations, perks, friendly colleagues and best working schedule point Linkedin as dreamed opportunity. Jeff Weiner, CEO Linkedin, got 99% approval rating too, all it is by dint of employees’ interest oriented policies.

Insight Global Inc.

Insight Global has been in recruiting service industry since 2001 and technical staff for short term and long term are deployed for companies in USA and Canada.

Not only staffing is from Insight Global but also development of staff management software, provisioning, employee-management communications systems. Glassdoor has rated Insight Global with 4.5 points. Company has changed its office in Silicon Valley with premier objective of interacting technology incubators.


Those who love benefits and perks, desire working for Google.

Employees of Google enjoy medical, life and travel insurance; moreover retirement benefits are also key bonuses in employment with Google. 53,600 employees of Google always recommend career in google, Glassdoor and other recruitment portals got positive reviews from employees of Google.

Last CEO of Google, Larry Page, got 96% approval rating from employees.

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is one of the prime consulting firm known by every Private, Government, NGO and Semi Government organizations of USA and Canada. People who worked ever in McKinsey & Company always feel golden period of their life there because good pay scale is remembered throughout life. 97% approval rating is feather in cap of CEO, Dominic Barton.

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