Barclays digital banking service benefits and security

Banks are providing digital banking services to their customers so they can access their account from anywhere in the world. Barclays offers online and electronic banking services to their customers so they can make their day-to-day payments more easily and securely. Digital Banking includes online and mobile banking services.

Barclays digital banking service benefits and security

Barclays digital banking service benefits and security
Online Banking

Online banking is an electronic payment system in which you can make financial transactions through your banks website. This is an easy way to send or receive money because you can do transaction from your home, office or anywhere.

Mobile Banking

In this service you need to install mobile application in your smartphone.Barclays isalso offeringPingit mobile application to their users. Because of the applications you can login into your account whenever you want, you just need an internet connection for this. The only difference between online and mobile banking is that, you need a website of your bank for the online banking and application for the mobile banking.Mobile app is for anyone over the age of 16.

Benefits of Online and Mobile banking:

  • You can check and manage your loans, mortgages, savings and current account information in one place
  • You can transfer money Barclays to Barclay’s account in seconds
    You can pay bills from your account
  • Check and download your bank statement
  • You can keep in touch with your bank account by using Text Alerts service
  • Make international payments by using online banking

Barclays offer full protection and security of your money

Barclays promise to take care of your money. When you open an account with Barclays youare automatically protected by their Online and Mobile Banking Guarantee. In this guarantee if you face any fraud for example you lost your money from your account or someone withdrawcash from your account then Barclays will responsible to give your money back to you. No matter how large your loss is they will reverse the transactions, but first they will confirm that are you responsible for the transaction or not?

In which situation they will not return your money?

They will not refund you if you are

  • Failed to keep your card, password, PIN,PINsentry codes, PINsentry device, or mobile PINsentry codes secure
  • Or you didn’t tell Barclays as soon as possible that youhave lost your mobile or your card

How can you protect your Barclays account from fraud?

  • Protect your computer or device with other network attacks
  • Installkasperskyantivirus software. It will store important files and contact in encrypted folders. Never forget to update antivirus
  • Download and use mobile banking or Barclays Pingit app from official app store
  • Don’t let anyone read your security information for example your emails
  • Don’t write your password, PIN or passcode anywhere
  • Choose PIN and password that nobody can recognize easily (for example your date of birth because it’s easy to guess)
  • Never ever let people to use your computer and your mobile where your account details are saved
  • May be you will receive some call in which your bank will ask you to send money into your new account, don’t reply to these calls because bank never ask such things

If somebody know your account details or you lost your ATM/Mastercard contact your Barclays bank and ask them disable your card or seal your bank account

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Updated: April 28, 2016 — 12:20 pm