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You Can Browse Youtube Video Without Internet

you can browse youtube goo video without internet

GOOD NEWS Zvtha Google announcing the launch of the application “YouTube goo”, which aims to expand the possibility of exchanging video files and watch them without the need for Internet connection. The new application is designed taking into Alaattabar, users in India , where it will be tested through them initially before its launch on […]


New Glitch in The IPhone 7

Iphone 7

Galaxy Note 7 Phone “Galaxy Note 7” launched by the company , “Samsung” has raised the phone “iPhone 7” launched by “Apple”, a sensation from the moment launchers, especially since things did not go so well did not achieve any of the two phones expected results by the two companies, after the problem of burst […]


DARPA Incredible Sows Seeds for Humanoid Robots

DARPA Incredible Sows Seeds For Humanoid Robots

Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) develops new and cool technology for the defense forces of United States. It is a U.S government agency which backs up new, innovative ideas and improves the life of all. DARPA Incredible Sows Seeds for Humanoid Robots This time DARPA has brought humanoid robots. The type of robots that […]

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