3 Myths About Protein Powder That Aren’t True

3 Myths About Protein Powder That Aren't True Protein powder has been around for a long time. Providing benefits for countless athletes, protein powder has developed a positive reputation within bodybuilder and weightlifting communities. At the same time, there has been a lot of negative press that lists supposed ‘issues’ with

An Apple a Day Does NOT keep the Doctor Away

Apple a Day

An Apple a day, keep the Doctor Away; A very famous proverb which is used by people and in a way encourages people to increase their Apple intake. This proverb was busted when a study was carried out. The number of times a person who eats more apples visits the doctor and a

7 Tips For a Healthy Eating

7 Tips For a Healthy Eating

7 Tips For a Healthy Eating To maintain your health, it is extremely important that you consume healthy, nutritious diet. Healthy eating can help you stay and feel younger for longer. To stay and look fit, you must consume healthy food. It is not a tough task. All you have to do is

Increasing Air Pollution: A Warning!

Increasing Air Pollution

Increasing Air Pollution A report by MPs states that new educational institutes, hospitals, care homes should be built far away from the major busy roads as to avoid air pollution. Air Pollution Causing Deaths: The Environmental Audit Committee referred to air pollution as public health crises. It says that it causes as many