Apple warns users to use the “iPhone 7” in these cases

Apple Iphone 7

Apple American company take smartphones warned Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus new place in diving trips or while driving jet ski or in the sauna rooms swimming pools.

It also prohibits deliberate dipping phones in water or make calls under the shower, taking into account to avoid excessive exposure to soap and detergent citrus fruits and solvents.

Apple iPhone 7

IBM 67

American company in a support document explained that the new phones support the protection category “IBM 67”, so it is available for mobile protection against water spray and in contact with the water for a short time.

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As is the case when falling into the washbasin;

for example;

As well as against the incursion of dust, according to Vito site.

And as in the past,

Apple still exclude damage to the incursion of fluid inside the machine items, covered by the warranty

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