An Apple a Day Does NOT keep the Doctor Away

An Apple a day, keep the Doctor Away;

A very famous proverb which is used by people and in a way encourages people to increase their Apple intake.

This proverb was busted when a study was carried out.

The number of times a person who eats more apples visits the doctor and a person who eats few apples visited the doctor.

The stats was compared and it showed that both kinds of people paid the same number visits to the doctor.

Therefore, the proverb has now become impractical.

An Apple a Day Does NOT keep the Doctor Away

An Apple a Day Does NOT keep the Doctor Away

Same Number of Visits to the Doctor:

This study does not discourage the consumption of apples but it does prove that only one kind of food item cannot be enough to keep a person healthy.

Preliminary analysis did however provided stats that proved that the people who consume apples more pay less visits to the doctor as compared to those whose apple consumption is low.

Researchers than took in their attention a wider prospect.

They studied many other factors like education, weight, health insurance and etc which made the little difference disappear.

The Apple Consumption Study:

Around 8400 adults participated in the health survey.

They were asked to just simply fill out questionnaires so that the study could be preceded.

They were through the questionnaires asked about their food consumption in the last 24 hours and what type of medical care was observed by them in the last year.

As compared to those who avoided apples, the apple eaters had more education and were less likely to smoke than apple shunners.

Apples are Without Doubt Extremely Beneficial:

The results in no way can make us forget the benefits of apples.

Apples are a very important source of vitamin C, they complete nearly 20% of the daily recommended fiber intake.

Many nutritionists from all over the world agree that apples are a very good choice of food as they prove to be very beneficial for the human body.

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