What Side Is Your Appendix On Male And What Are Symptoms?

Appendix On Male And What Are Symptoms

Appendix affects both men and women, but the ratio among men are relatively high than of women. Appendix swallows when worm-shaped pouch becomes inflamed and cause infection in the large intestine. It is very dangerous disease and can put your life in grave danger. If the appendix burst, then the poison spreads in the stomach and leads towards the immediate death of the person. So, it is necessary to remove it surgically before it’s too late. Its diagnosis is quite difficult, and it doesn’t show significant symptoms until it gets too late.

What Side Is Your Appendix On Male And What Are Symptoms?

Appendix On Male And What Are Symptoms

Symptoms of Appendix

Many symptoms indicate the possibility of the appendix. Appendix affects both men and women on the right side of the abdomen. Lots of patients get confused when they feel any pain in any part of the stomach. They usually ask what side is your appendix on male, and the answer is on the right side.

Dizziness, Tired, and Fever

The pain increase with the movement and no pain killer will relieve you from such pain of appendix. The pain gets intense with the time, and you feel dizziness, tired and high temperature. Doctors say if you have a stomach pain and high fever then you must worry about it because it is one of the signs of the appendix.

Vomiting, Nausea, and Loss of Appetite

Vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetite are key symptoms of the appendix. It’s the indication of the early infection of the appendix and if you continue feels the same situation in the next 12 hours then it’s an alarming situation, and you should visit the doctor for inspection.

Constipation and Diarrhea

These are early symptoms of appendicitis, and it probably starts with constipation and diarrhea. If you have mild diarrhea and lower right abdominal pain, then the symptoms lead towards appendix.

Bloating and Gas

Don’t take such foods that cause bloating and leads towards indigestion. If you have to bloat for a couple of weeks, then it will result in making lots of gas in your stomach.

Rebound Tenderness

It occurs on pushing the lower part of the abdomen which results in pain. If you have rebound tenderness fever, nausea, and other symptoms, then you should be worried about it.

All these symptoms lead towards the appendix, and you should keep these in the mind to get treatment for the appendix. All these symptoms help the doctors to diagnose the appendix in the early stages enabling them to treat the infection with the aid of antibiotics. In case, the antibiotics don’t work for patients; then they can go for surgery.  If you are still looking for answers what side is your appendix on male then read this.

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