Download Uber 4.191.10001 for Android


Download Uber for Android Do you need a fast and safe means of transport? Uber is the official application of the service of the same name, thanks to which we can request that one of its drivers pick us up at the place where we are and take us to our destination. Its

Download Skype Lite

Skype Lite

A compact version of Skype Skype Lite is a lighter version of the popular Microsoft application, which offers virtually the same features as this, but occupies less than half the space. The application is developed with special focus on India and neighboring countries, so that it can perform correctly even with limited

Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook Messenger

The Official Facebook Messaging Application Facebook Messenger is the official Facebook messaging application, which will allow us to engage in text conversations with all our friends within the popular social network. Thanks to it we can send and get instant messages, which we can then continue from the PC. Like other texting applications, Facebook

G-Download Manager APK 1.0.59 for Android

G-Download Manager

G-Download Manager is a practical application with which you can download content quickly and easily: Download videos with a single click, program downloads to reduce data consumption, Transfer content to other devices through QR codes, Download your favorite music using the music and video search, Share the links and downloads