Ammyy Admin Free Download

Ammyy Admin Free Download Ammyy Admin Free Download: Ammyy admin is one best software for this purpose. U can Access all program of 0ther c0mputer which accept y0ur request thr0ugh Ammyy Admin. You can contr0l other c0mputer, transfer files from your computer to other even other computer to back your computer. hope you will like this and share you friends.

Features Ammyy Admin:

  • Fast and quick access.
  • Don’t need to install.
  • Download in seconds.
  • Download and get started.
  • A unique id, don’t need to check again.
  • File transfer on both computer.
  • Start a voice call during connect.
  • View only access.
  • Remote control access.
  • Transfer files on background.
    Full screen to hide menu bar or buttons.
    Run and start the connect in seconds.

About software:

  • Version 3.4
  • Size 726 Kb
  • Free Open License

download icaon

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