Adobe Dreamweaver CC Free Download

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Free DownloadAbout Software: Adobe Dreamweaver is a web programming software, that is using to create any type of web pages, PHP, HTML, Java, and many others. It’s basically used to create html websites, but after passing time, it’s come with dynamic websites like PHP, Asp and others. You can create a web server with Dreamweaver CC to setup your dynamic website, if you are not interested in the server, you can start dynamic programming without it. You can create different kinds of pages on startup with one click. Its supported code and design area, you can create your website by dragging content of the page or can write code in code mode. There is another mode called split, that provides or shows you output during coding, you can use it, if you want to get output of your work during coding.

  • Dreamweaver providing one click Programming tools, you can use them to add your required lines in one click. These tools known as adding to comment, remove to comment, line to break, highlight invalid codes, balance to braces, indent code, outdent code and many other.
  • Dreamweaver helps you during Programming of your website, if you entered wrong or invalid code its will automatic detect where is the error then you can easily change your code. Other help in coding, highlight invalid code in one click, after completing your webpage or coding, clicks on highlight invalid code icon on the left side, its will highlight invalid code in web page.
  • Its supported two different types of CSS style, first inline css and second external css. If you are going with inline css, you can use it from design and code mode. Using from design mode it will create an id or class automatically with your select design. You can handle your CSS style sheet easily using Adobe Dreamweaver CC, because it’s providing you inline, external, import and automatic detection css features.

About Adobe Dreamweaver:

  • Version CC 14
  • Size 320 MB


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