Aaron Hernandez in Court

Aaron Hernandez
[highlight]Aaron Hernandez[/highlight] is known for his swagger. Should he act any diversely when he’s on trial for homicide?

At the point when the once rising star for the New England Patriots strolls into court every day with what gives off an impression of being a demeaner of certainty – or is it bombast? – he enters from a uniting holding room. Some court security officers who escort him are as tall and solid as he may be.

Other than that certain ricochet to his venture, there’s typically a grin.

It hasn’t been there as frequently in the last couple of weeks when state witnesses have incorporated his life partner Shayanna Jenkins and his previous supervisor, New England Patriots manager Robert Kraft, who affirmed Hernandez would ordinarily welcome him with a kiss and an embrace.

Continuously immaculately wearing suit and tie got by his barrier group, Hernandez rapidly filters the court, typically beginning with the columns of seats specifically behind him.

The front column is saved for his gang. A few days, none of his relatives is there. But when his mom, life partner, sibling and different companions go to, he winks, gestures, grins, jokes, giggles, plays with his life partner and mouths welcome to them including “‘much obliged for impending’ and ‘I cherish you.'”

Twice, he gestured his head and grinned at me.

It’s not surprising for his legal advisers to slap him on his back and cluster in the witness of court starts, showing up calm. They’ve been speaking to him since June 2013.

There was a sad minute. His mom once asked authorization from a court officer to touch her child once the jury left the room. Given an OK, she came to over the bar to him, took one of his hands in hers and kissed it.

Tenets deny contact. It didn’t go unnoticed by the group of victimized person Odin Lloyd.

Hernandez does not abstain from looking toward them. He looks at Lloyd’s relatives. Lloyd’s mom Ursula Ward, who is in court day by day, seems to look right back at Hernandez without interpretation from her common seat on the end of a column.

Viewing the witnesses

At the point when one witness, a secondary school companion, affirms that Hernandez once purportedly discussed conveying a weapon, Hernandez seems to frown at him.

At the point when his life partner takes the stand and affirms Hernandez advised her to dump a container from their storm cellar the day following Lloyd’s killing, his eyes are stuck on her. She scarcely looks at him but does seem to say something as she passes the barrier table in transit out.

At the point when Kraft is asked to formally bring up Hernandez in court and depict what he was wearing, I watch Hernandez look down at his shirt and tie as Kraft itemized his outfit.

At the point when the group holder leaves the stand – the same man who marked him to a $40 million reward in 2012 – Hernandez turns and watches him leave the court.

Would it be the last time he’d see him in individual?

On the most recent day of affirmation when his barrier trusts the evidence speak for itself, he grins at relatives. But as he exits the entryway this time, he doesn’t think back.

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Updated: April 8, 2015 — 3:41 pm