A 15 Year Old Boy Discovers a New Planet 1,000 Light-Years From Earth

15 Year Old Boy Discovers a New Planet

15 Year Old Boy Discovers a New Planet

Two years of observation was done by the scientists in the discovery of a 15 year old boy. After the observations the scientists confirmed the existence of a planet that was discovered by the 15 year old. this was announced by Keele University. This kid discovered a planet which is 10,000 light years away. Hard to believe? But it’s true!

Spotted the Planet During a Work Experience:

The 15 year old boy, Tom Wagg had participated in a work experience at Keele University in England. During that he came across a scene. He observed a dip in the in the light of a star as a planet passed in front of it. He was going through the data collected for the Wide Angle Search for Planets Project when he spotted the new planet.

Keele University told that the Wide Search Angle for Planets Project basically keeps an eye on the stars. It observes any dips in the light of the stars due to the passing planets.

Youngest Discoverer Ever:

No confirmation has been made but it is believed that Tom Wage is the youngest person ever to discover a new planet, keeping in mind that all other planets have been discovered by astronomers. Wage is now 17 years old and he said that he was extremely happy and super excited to find a new planet so far away.

Proved and Confirmed:

Tom Wage’s discovery was thoroughly studied by astronomers of University of Liege and University of Geneva. They confirmed the discovery saying that it had the right size and mass to be a planet. The planet discovery was allotted the catalogue number WASP-142b. this was the 142nd discovery that was done under Wide Search Angle for Planets Project (WASP).

The planet is said to be equal in size of Jupiter but orbits its star only in two days. The planet is very far away that is why it is hard to see it directly. Unlike the other planets it has a very tight orbit, very close to its star. A name has not yet been decided and Tom Wage is looking forward to put forward his suggestion.

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