5 Things Not To Put Microwaves

Microwaves have made life simpler. Your cold food is warmed in just a few minutes by one press of a button. While using this life saver device we are blinded by its advantages and refuse to accept its side effects.

5 Things Not To Put Microwaves

Things Not To Put in Microwaves
In order to use microwave, one needs to be careful of what to put in the microwave and what not. A very few people know this stuff. Here’s a list of things you need to put far away from your microwaves.

Hard Boiled Eggs:

Want hard boil eggs in the microwave? You might want to rethink.

Hard boiling egg in a microwave is a really bad idea. A huge amount of steam is created in the egg due to the rapid heating by the microwave. The egg provides no escape area to the steam so BOOM! The egg will explode and will create a big mess for you. Or you’ll either end up with burned fingers.

Defrosting Meat Using a Microwave?

Nah, not a very clever thing to do.

Using a microwave to defrost meat can be very challenging for you. What happens when you try to do so is that the thinner side of the meat starts to cook while the thicker side stays frozen. The microwaves which do not rotate during the heating process give a rise to bacteria growth due to uneven heat distribution. Leaving the frozen meat in the fridge for a night is the right way to defrost your meat.

Breast Milk:

Warming up frozen breast milk in a microwave should be avoided as this way oh warming it up destroys some of its immune-boosting proteins. Microwave heats up the milk unevenly which might make the milk too hot for the sensitive mouths of the babies. Instead of using microwaves for this purpose, place the bottle of the milk in mug containing warm water and wait till it comes to the room temperature.

Metal and Microwave Together:

Even small amounts of metal in a microwave can be hazardous. When metals are heated in microwave they start fires.
The small metal handles of the Chinese takeout containers are also enough for starting a big fire when are put in the microwave to warm the food. Therefore, to avoid such incidents transfer the food from these containers into a bowl to warm it up.

Another thing you might want to know. The fancy metallic trimmed dinner set you use is not at all microwave friendly. Though, you might think that the metallic trimming is not much and it won’t cause any harm. But you are wrong, even the smallest of metals react with microwaves.

Plastic Containers:

Chemicals like estrogen are constituents of plastic and when plastic is heated these chemicals are released.

Now, when one tries to warm up their food in a plastic container, using microwaves, these chemicals are fused into the food. Out of 450 plastic products, 95% release chemicals like estrogen when heated in a microwave. This was published in a study in Environmental Health Perspectives.

Running an Empty Microwave:

If the microwave is running and there is no food or liquid to absorb the heat, the magnetron absorbs the microwaves and causes a fire. it can even damage your microwave.
Never start a microwave without any food or drink inside.

Technology makes your life easier but one needs to be precautious while using these devices as they can cause big disasters. So 5 Things Not To Put Microwaves

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