25 Years of Search Engine Optimization – Infographic

25 Years of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We think about, how much we depend on the Search Engines and website, it’s difficult to believe, 25 years ago it did not exist.

The early 90’s saw beginning of this online, web browsers and sites, so it was not prior to, somebody develop some way for all web customers to be able get connected to all of these things completely get into the Look for search engine.

In early days of using internet we only relied on Search Engines like Yahoo, Excite, and Lycos to require us whatever;

We tool it and what we wished to search,

But Google took over and re-invented search queries and Optimizing Techniques that we conditions as SEO.

25 Years of Search Engine Optimization

So what we had learned from the reputation of SEO?

and how much has been changed?

When we did look for keywords, statistics and Meta information became so important?

So take look at this info graphic (SEO) “25 Years of Search Engine Optimization

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