10 Best Tips To Boost Your Infolinks Earning

Earn huge money with Infolinks. It is one of the top InText advertising networks which pays you every valid click. By using Infolinks, you can monetize small, medium, large blog/website.

10 Best Tips To Boost Your Infolinks Earning

10 Best Tips To Boost Your Infolinks Earning

Why Infolinks is popular?

No risk of account banned: This is not similar with AdSense they never banned your account for the fake click or click bomb or other reasons.

High CTR: In-text advertising click through rate is very higher.More CTR(click through rate) more money.

Simple to use: Download Infolinks WordPress plugin & setting you advertisement.

Payment method: There is four type of payment method.Paypal,wire transfer,check payments,Payoneer.

Are you an Infolinks user?If yes then read this post carefully to boost your earning within one month.Otherwise, You can Join Infolinks & try the following methods.

How To Start

#1: Use Dotted Underline
Infolinks InText advertising is two types double underline & dotted underline. You chose dotted underline link style because earlier peoples are irritated by double underline InText ads & not click on this type of InText ads. For a dotted link, people think it’s a normal link & its increase your CTR(Click through rate).

#2: Customize Link Colour
According to your content choose related link colour in text advertising. It will confuse the readers & increase CTR.If you not satisfied with the link colour choose the blue colour.This will work any type of theme. By this, you can get a good number of clicks.

#3: Set Maximum Links Per Page
You can set the no of ads in any pages are minimum 1 maximum 12.Recommended to no of ads 12. If your contents with 1500-2000 words try this technique. Otherwise,set it to 5-6.But remember less content more ads disturbing your readers & more content fewer ads decrease your CTR.

#4:Choose Best Related Category
Select the proper category which is related to your blog content.Ex. If you are the owner of a gaming blog & your ads shown related to gaming ,then readers find gaming ads. That will increase your earning.

#5: Infolinks On/Off Tag
If you want to control Infolinks ads then you can customize it by using on/off Tag.Use on tags to set ads in the correct position.Use off tag at the unnecessary place where you don’t want to display Infolinks ads.

Insert this tag after section.


Where you appear to shown ads.


Where you didn’t allow ads.

#6: Related InTag Increase CTR
InTag is shown your content related ads which make more clicks on ads & high CTR.You can add InTag ads bottom of your content,If you set it on the top page or middle page then its make your post ugly.

#7: InFrame Show Banner Ads
InFrame ads are much difference with other ads publishing network.It’s don’t take any space on your website(Google Adsense require the sizes 300×250 336×280 728×90 300×600 to display banner & text ads) to display ads.Automatically they have shown display ads on your website margin.

#8: Add More Websites To Earn More
Add more website in same Infolinks account.In a single account, you can manage lots of websites.More websites increase you’re earning.

#9: Infolinks High Paying Keywords

Infolinks is an intext ad network so keywords are matter. High paying keywords are

  • Web Hosting
  • Educational Institute/University/College
  • Online Degree
  • Law
  • Insurance
  • Online Money

#10: Organic Traffic

10 Best Tips To Boost Your Infolinks Earning

Daily new peoples visit your blog,minimum bounce rate & 80% returning visitors are the signals of organic traffic. That grown your blog & your revenue also.


Infolinks is one of the best Adsense alternatives with the good payment option. Your primary goal is to grow your blog with quality content.You can use InText advertising. Read this topic, I believe it will help you to increase revenue.Like this post share with your friends. Don’t forget to comment. Happy Blogging With 10 Best Tips To Boost Your Infolinks Earning

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